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zaterdag 26 januari 2013

All I know about the book 'Special Friendships' is that it is for sale on

If canadian (see reaction below) means that I could make an online version of 'Special Friendships', then I must tell him that this is impossible, because I don't own the book. The movie though that has been made of it, can be watched completely on YouTube:

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  1. @CanadianThe book was translated in the 1950s in the US in 1950 and a few years later by a different translator in the UK. The latter was re-released in a paperback format in the 1970s but those English translations are expensive now, I have looked on the rare book search engine bookfinder and here are the results. The film does stay very true to the book though and Didier Haudepin is adorable in it so you will get a good idea by watching it of the book.*&destination=ca&currency=CAD&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr

  2. If that link does not work just go to and search Peyrefitte and Special Friendships :)

  3. Last post plenty of copies ranging from $30 Canadian to $200 Canadian.